A Claim is made by an independent repair facility that is registered in the Labour Recovery Program (LRP). The LRP is limited and extended to the invoiced customer (purchaser) and not anyone who may have purchased the vehicle invoiced and is not named on the original invoice. The Labour Reimbursement Program is not a warranty by

Subject to the following terms and procedures, the LRP will cover the labour required to perform a corrective repair if (a) the customer’s vehicle experiences a mechanical failure and (b) the customer returns to the original Shop within the covered time and mileage and (c) the failure is the result of a defect in the installed part or service.

To submit a claim

The following must apply to be eligible for reimbursement:
  1. The Original Repair and subsequent Warranty Repair must be performed by the same Repair facility.
  2. The LRP applies only to the labour required to complete the Labour Recovery Repair.
  3. Claims require the program administrator’s authorization by email at , or our administration phone line at 647-574-1824.
Please have on-hand:
  1. Original Repair invoice.
  2. A new invoice signed by customer.
  3. Invoice for parts purchased and installed during original repair.
  4. Invoice for parts installed during the warranty repair.
If Parts for the original repair and warranty repair were purchased from a Bestbuy Distributor Parts Store, the Shop would receive a labour payout for their present door rate on-file with Solutions LRP. If Parts are from another source (not from a Bestbuy Distributor location), the labour rate will revert to $70.00 using Mitchell labour guidelines. Note: If during the Claim process, the repair registered is determined to be ineligible for coverage under the Labour Recovery Program, Solutions LRP will notify the repair facility by email or telephone with an explanation.